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Hôpital Necker, Paris

e-health strategy, Public health, Semantic interoperability, big data, Rare diseases, genetic data, Health data privacy

Rémy Choquet, PhD, is a e-health expert for data driven large scale projects. He has an excellent knowledge of local, national and european e-health issues. Besides, he is associated with the biggest e-health research lab in France which collaborates within many national or european H2020 projects.

He has a PhD in Public Health : Epidemiology and Medical data science from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (P6).

He actually is the operational director of the National database for Rare Diseases (Necker hospital for children, AP-HP), and member of the LIMICS lab (U1142) at INSERM. He has a strong interest and background in medical data science, semantics, data quality and interoperability in healthcare generated data reuse for public health and research (epidemiology and surveillance systems). He currently manages a group of 8 collaborators with multiple backgrounds. Ranging from eHealth, IT to biostatistics. He publishes into key domain specific journals and is often appointed as expert for national or european authorities for various e-health topics.

He is co-editor of the clinical research informatics section of the IMIA yearbook of medical informatics. He is also co-leading the WP5 on the new european joint action on rare diseases (RD-ACTION). He is french ANR health informatics project external expert reviewer. He participates to several journals or conferences as an external scientific reviewer. He is lecturer for registries and rare diseases. He participated into a FP7-IP project named DebugIT as co-leader of the interoperability platform workpackage during its thesis degree. He teaches data science, big data and ontology engineering at the Lyon 2 university.

He’s main interests are : e-health strategy thinking, health information systems, data science, medical informatics, health informatics, clinical research informatics, ontologies, data quality, data integration, semantic interoperability, public health, rare diseases, health IT strategy, management, data privacy.

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