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LAMAS Eugénia

Chargé de Recherche INSERM Hors Classe (CRHC)

Cordeliers - Odéon, Paris

(+33) 1 44 27 91 06

Research field: Legal and ethical aspects of personalized health monitoring, telemedicine and reusing clinical data in research. Assessment of the impact of different medical ICT, in terms of acceptance and empowerment by the users and the stakeholders.

INSERM Researcher on
Ethics/ eHealth
French National Institute of medical Research and Health (INSERM)
At the Laboratory in Medical Informatics and Knowledge Engineering in e-Health (LIMICS)

(if applicable) MM/YY FIELD OF STUDY
University Paris-Diderot (P7) DEA (French degre) 1976 Human Science

University Pierre et Marie Curie (P6) M.Sc. 1983 Biochemistry

University Pierre et Marie Curie (P6) Ph.D. 1986 Molecular biology

University Pierre et Marie Curie (P6) French Degree 2002 Ethics in Health and Human Rights

A. Personal Statement
For the last fourteen years my research and activities are focused on ethics of biomedical research. At Inserm headquarters I have been in charge of referrals and coordinator of the Inserm of Institutional Rewiev Board (IRB) which is an Institutional Ethics Committee until 2012. As the head of the International Ethics Office I was coordinated the first French-speaking meeting on “Ethics and Good Clinical Practice” (Paris, October 2002) and organized the 5th Global Forum on Bioethics in Research, held in Paris, 2004. Since 2002, I am partner of several projects in ethics founded by the European Commission: EURETH.NET (FP-5) FASTER (FP-6) HEALTH RESEARCH ETHICS (FP6), and coordinator of EULABOR (FP-6), ETHICSWEB (FP-7), PHMethics (FP-7), and EURECNET (FP-7) and EMERI (Horizon 2020) ongoing project.

Currently I am full-time researcher at the French National Institute of Medical and Health Research (INSERM) at the UMRS_II42 Campus de Recherche des Cordeliers research laboratory on “Knowledge engineering in e-health” in Paris. My specialism is in ethics of biomedical research, particularly in privacy and data protection in relation with personalized health monitoring and reusing clinical data in research. Recently I focus on a new challenge to research Ethics that arise by Patient Led Research (PLR). I also do the research on the influence of Lay Crowd-sourced Expertise (LCE) in the new role of patient in the social network: online communities.

D. Research Support

Ongoing projects

Since 2016 - Partner representing France for the project “European Network of Research Ethics and
Research integrity “(ENERI) – Horizon 2020.

Since 2011 - Partner France for the project: “European Research Ethics Committees Network” (EURECNET) – 7th Framework Program.
Completed Research Support

2009 - 2012 Partner representing INSERM/France for the project: “Personalized health monitoring” (PHM-Ethics) - Interdisciplinary research for the analysis of the relationship between ethics, law, and psychosocial and medical sciences” - 7th Framework Program.

2008 - 2012 Partner representing INSERM/France for the project: “Interconnected European Information and Documentation System for Ethics and Science” (ETHICSWEB) - 7th Framework Program.

2008 -2012 Partner representing INSERM/France for the project « HEALTH RESEARCH ETHICS” Project full title: Global Forum on Bioethics “6th Framework Program.

2005 - 2008: Coordinator of the Europe-based project: “European and Latin American Ethical Regulation systems of Biomedical Research: Comparative Analysis of its Pertinence and Application for Human Subject Protection” (EULABOR) -6th Framework Program.

2004 - 2005: Partner representing France for the project: “Feasibility study for an advanced systematic documentation, information, and communication tool in the field of ethical issues in science, research, and technology” (FASTER) -6th Framework Program.

2002 - 2004: Partner representing France for the project: “European Information Network Ethics in Medicine and Biotechnology” (EURETH.NET) -5th Framework Program.

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