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Development of the Bulgarian National Diabetes Register

Professor Dimitar Tcharaktchiev, M.D., Ph.D.

Le 04/06/2018 de 10:30 à 11:30

Description :

The talk present the building of the Bulgarian National Diabetes Register using the Outpatient Electronic Health Records submitted in 2010-2016 to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). All medical professionals from outpatient segment of the healthcare system are paid by the NHIF for their work on the basis of their outpatient medical records. The hospitals also send to NHIF every day a hospital medical records with description of their activity. The Health Records are semi-structured files with predefined XML-format. They contain sufficient text explanations to summarise the case and to motivate the requested reimbursement. An outpatient record might include about 160 tags and the average length of the files is about 1 MB. The construction of the register relies on advanced automatic analysis of free clinical texts and business analytics technologies for storing, maintaining, searching, querying and analyzing data.

Dr. Dimitar Tcharaktchiev, MD, PhD is Professor at the Medical University - Sofia. He holds a Ph.D. in Medical Informatics and acknowledged medical specialties in Internal Diseases, Public Health and Health Management, specialisations in Geriatrics and Endocrinology. He is Head of the Department of Medical Informatics of the University Specialised Hospital for Active Treatment of Endocrinology (USHATE). Professor Tcharaktchiev is also a member of Bulgarian Institute of Standardisation, Bulgarian representative in the European Organisation of Standardisation – TC for Medical Informatics – CEN TC251. He was invited scientist (2001-2004) to the University Paris 6, European University Hospital "Georges Pompidou", which informatics team won the e-Health price 2003 of the European Commission. Prof. Tcharaktchiev is a Chairman of Association PROREC Bulgaria, Member of the EUROREC Institute. From January 2015 to the end of 2016 he was an Advisor to the Bulgarian Minister of Health in the field of e-Health.


Adresse : Head of Department of Medical Informatics University Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of EndocrinologyClinical Center of Endocrinology and Gerontology .Medical University -Sofia

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