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Computational Advances in Drug Safety: Systematic and Mapping Review of Knowledge Engineering based Approaches

Pantelis Natsiavas

Le 20/05/2019 de 09:45 à 11:00

Description :

In this lecture, results from a recent systematic and mapping review are going to be presented, which aimed to investigate knowledge engineering based approaches employed in the domain of drug safety. Journal articles published between 2006 and 2017 were considered in the study and filtered based on a comprehensive set of inclusion/exclusion criteria. The mapping process relied on a set of concrete criteria as well (concerning specific knowledge engineering and drug safety core activities, special drug safety topics, the employed data sources, reference ontologies/terminologies and computational methods). Exemplar applications as well as open challenges and future work directions are going to be presented.


Adresse : Pantelis Natsiavas

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