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Séminaire Kensaku Kawamoto, Claude Nanjo - ReImagine EHR Experience : Establishing a Multidisciplinary Initiative for Interoperable EHR Innovations at an Academic Medical Center

Le 23/01/2023 de 14:00 à 15:00

Description :

Just as smartphones can be improved through downloaded apps, the EHR can now be enhanced through interoperable apps developed by third-party innovators. Recognizing the promise of this approach early on, the University of Utah launched the ReImagine EHR initiative in 2016 to develop EHR-integrated apps that leverage interoperability standards including FHIR and SMART. Supportive infrastructure developed include various FHIR-related tooling and a systematic evaluation framework known as ELICIT. More than 10 EHR-integrated digital innovations have been implemented, and initial evaluations have demonstrated positive impact on patients and providers. Return on invstment has included improvements in care; over $35 million in grant funding; commercial opportunities; and increased ability to adapt to a changing healthcare landscape. The ReImagine EHR team will describe the lessons learned and run short demos. They will also explain how AP-HP and associated universities could collaborate with them in the quest to improve patient lives through digital health innovation.

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