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Publications de DARMONI Stefan
Publications de type "Rapport"
1. Golbreich C, Julien G, Darmoni S "FMA and HMTP Portal in OWL: Reconciling Ontology with Terminology in Life Sciences via Metamodeling" 2010
2. Golbreich C, Julien G, Darmoni S "Pushing the FMA-OWL Enveloppe Further" 2010
Publications de type "Article indexé"
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10. Gerbier-Colomban S, Gicquel Q, Millet AL, Riou C, Grando J, Darmoni S, Potinet-Pagliaroli V, Metzger MH "Evaluation of syndromic algorithms for detecting patients with potentially transmissible infectious diseases based on computerised emergency-department data." BMC medical informatics and decision making 2013 13:101
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Publication de type "Poster"
21. Kerdelhué G, Lamy JB, Venot A, Duclos C, Darmoni S "An iconic language for the ’CISMeF Bonnes pratiques’ website" Poster EAHIL conference 2010
Publications de type "Chapitre d'ouvrage"
22. Florea FI, Rogozan A, Barbu E, Bensrhair A, Darmoni S "MedIC at ImageCLEF 2006: Automatic Image Categorization and Annotation using Combined Visual Representations" 2007 670-677
23. Neveol A, Darmoni S "Terminologie et accès à l'information en santé" 2006 141-159
Publications de type "Autre publication"
24. Letord C, Sakji S, Pereira S, Dahamna B, Kergourlay I, Darmoni S "A Drug Information Portal in Europe" 2009 931
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30. Caulin C, Autret-Leca E, Baumelou A, Trémolières F, German C, Darmoni S, Thirion B, Forget JF "The therapeutic guidelines database, an original new tool" 2007 5
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