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Scalable, Standard based Interoperability Framework for Sustainable Proactive Post Market Safety Studies


01/01/2012 - 01/01/2015

Coordinateur : Dr. Gokce Banu Laleci Erturkmen - Software Research, Development and Consultancy Ltd, Ankara, Turkey

Responsable LIMICS : JAULENT Marie-Christine

Autres membres LIMICS : Jean-Marie Rodrigues - Christel Daniel - Cédric Bousquet - Béatrice Trombert-Paviot

Résumé :

To facilitate wide scale proactive post market safety studies, there is a need for a new capacity enabling accessing the data locked in multiple different heterogonous EHR systems. In SALUS project, we aim to provide a standard-based interoperability framework that will enable execution of safety studies for mining and analyzing real-time patient data in communication with disparate heterogeneous EHR systems. SALUS will provide:
- Functional interoperability profiles enabling exchange of EHRs
- Semantic interoperability solutions enabling meaningful interpretation of the exchanged EHRs
- Security and Privacy mechanisms ensuring EHRs are shared in an ethical and safe way
- A novel framework for open-ended temporal pattern discovery for safety studies on top of EHR Systems
- Implementation of high potential use cases enabling secondary use of EHRs for post market safety studies


European Institute for Health Records - Software Research, Development and Consultancy Ltd, SRDC Turkey - Stiftelsen WHO COllaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring UMC, Sweden - OFFIS E. V. OFFIS, Germany - AGFA Healthcare N. V. AGFA, Belgium

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