Medication Review Support – ABiMed

2020 – 2024

Funded by ANR

Decision support tools for medication review and polypharmacy management

Polypharmacy is a major public health problem. It causes adverse events and drug-drug interactions, but it also has an important cost for health insurances. A solution is the medication review: a pharmacist interviews the patient, reviews his medications and simplify the treatment, by removing non-mandatory drugs or those responsible for adverse events. Medication review is reimbursed by health insurance in France since 2018. However, the review is difficult because the patient data are owned by the physician, and it requires complex knowledge. Few medication reviews are made in practice.

The tools for supporting medication reviews are limited. They are based on the implementation of “deprescribing” rules, on the presentation of the properties of the drugs taken by the patient in plain tables, or on questionnaires for structuring the patient’s interview. However, these approaches have never been combined together, and they have not incorporated recent advances in computer science.

In this project, we propose to design and evaluate a tool to support medication reviews for pharmacists, and prevention of polypharmacy for prescribing doctors.